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The non-racist Biden administration announces the racist travel bans that racist President Trump took down will instead non-racist fashion

It can get confusing when those on the left encounter a scenario they had deemed to be racist at one time but a shift in power forces a reassessment of things — a reimagining, if you will, to use a Hollywood term.


Remember, of course, that Donald Trump never did anything positive during the pandemic, despite his work on the outbreak in the early weeks when the press was downplaying the virus. Proof of this comes concerning the first time the President instituted a travel ban, back in January when the media claimed he was doing nothing. Somehow he both absorbed heavy criticism for his actions while at the same time allegedly took no action.

The Washington Post declared travel bans are a ”mistake”, but it gets worse. Politico suggested the ban would be ”antagonizing Chinese leaders, as well as stigmatizing people of Asian descent.” The New York Times asserted the ban from Chinese travel would be stoking hatred.

Every news outlet agrees, the travel ban is a horrible idea. Which makes this announcement…curious.

Curious indeed.

Well now, in less than a year, what has changed?? As we here on staff consult a number of medical journals at our disposal we did come across one entry; it says, ”When the parenthetical capital letter immediately following the surname of a President is the fourth in the alphabet then all claims of racial intolerance shall be erased.”


This is now starting to make sense. And, as most recall, Joe Biden had some strong feelings about the decision to suspend travel from Mainland China, going with the tested I was-against-it-before-I-supported-it method, altering his stance it was ”xenophobia” months later.

Precisely, that’s how this will play out in the media, correct? Correct?!

Actually, no. There is a long list of outlets reporting on this news, and we have yet to see one who is declaring this an insensitive act or even questioning the decision.

That letter (D) sure serves as an effective shield.

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