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Jake Tapper has brilliant opinions about politicians getting vaccinated -- even though they contradict each other


Jake Tapper might head the list of journalists who have become most imbalanced with the election of Joe Biden.  The once stable and relatively objective journalist became far less so in 2020, and in recent weeks he has wandered well off the reservation.


As just the latest example of this loss of focus here we get Jake as he gets into a snit over the fact that some GOP lawmakers were receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

That’s same Grade-A snark from Jake, resorting to a gif from ”Bowfinger”. However the ridiculous stance he takes displays how the press is just in a position of alswys being outraged. Those who refuse to take the vaccine are a social threat; our lax leaders should take the vaccine to show the public how safe it is; any leaders we do not like who get the vaccine will be ridiculed.

It is getting predictable how distempered journalists are anymore.

Too late – it is all the press knows how to do.


There is probably good cause behind this sour attitude regarding those getting a vaccine on December 20, 2020.

Then there is the point of other, approved politicians who received the vaccination instead of healthcare workers.

C’mon, you cannot call them non-essential, after they spent weeks blocking the stimulus package!

Many in Tapper’s timeline have taken this position–


So to summarize – the administration that pushed to get two vaccines onto the marketplace before year’s end ”did nothing”, while the journalists who uniformly mocked and ridiculed the President over his proposal are today regarded as the smart minds.

Meanwhile the journos are today acting snarky about politicians getting the vaccine that they demanded be created, and when a week or so back they called for our leaders to get the shot to show the public it is safe are now derided for doing specifically what the press called for.

It will ever be the case with our media. After we listened to numerous voices tell us anyone not taking the vaccine should be ostracized these same experts are now decrying those who are receiving the shot.

When the press ever settles on a position let us know – so we can note when they take the opposite position tomorrow.

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