Seriously, how do these journalists have such a short memory?!

We were under the impression that the Texas Democrats and their super-spreader field trip Flee-ibuster had killed off talk of killing off the filibuster. Once the press went all in cheerleading their illegal blockade of legislation, that kind of erased all the arguments they had been making about the legal blocking of legislation that is the filibuster.

But now the LA Times has reentered those waters, and it appears the paper would have been better off addressing another topic.

This hot take was written by Deputy Page Editor John Healey, but it would have been wise if his headline had been altered by his boss (is it the Sheriff Page Editor?!). Wiser still would have been checking the LA Times archives on filibuster topics.

It turns out there was a previous editorial position by the paper on the filibuster, just a couple of years ago, and it was taking just the opposite position when the Democrats were in the minority.

Not just statistically accurate, but there is direct evidence.

It gets even better. That previous hot take was actually written by — the very same Deputy Page Editor, John Healey,

They are a de facto arm of the DNC PR Division. No further evidence is needed.