My, who would have thought that we here in the states, free from monarchal infestation, would become sick and tired of members of the crown?? Well, Harry and that Markle bride of his are surely doing their damnedest to overstay their brief welcome.

The power couple I know far too much about already, who have declared they came to the U.S. in order to get free from living under a spotlight of constant attention refuse to simply stay cloistered in the privacy of their Malibu manse.

The latest sees the Royal Formerly Known As Prince appearing on a national broadcast with a celebrity to call this country’s rights to free expression something unseemly.

Only someone coming from a country where the pampered elites might enjoy a shield of sorts while their serfs are regulated could see the concept of free speech as a problem.

Well, Hank here is just going to have to get used to the fact that people are able to express themselves — sorry if that upsets you as a mentally stunted whiny diva of a castrated ginger.

In case he was clueless on the matter…

And the lessons kept rolling in, to help Harry out with the concept.

Here is what could be considered “bonkers” — someone who is sp0eaking on a national broadcast, after appearing in a primetime television special and with a new streaming title being released this week, all while he is establishing a media empire, is complaining about the right to expression in this country.