You know you are a longtime Florida resident when this level of crazy barely moves your reaction needle.

Due to pandemic protocols, the court system in Miami-Dade still holds virtual hearings via video conferencing. This involves numerous people called to the court who are lined up, in a video chat style, as they wait to speak with a magistrate. This being South Florida the process is bound to frequently create some of our trademark regional flair, shall we say.

Thanks to Miami Herald beat writer David Ovalle, he shares with us one defendant who managed to appear before the judge in more than anyone wanted to see.

Just fantastic Florida — never failing to disappoint on the weirdness scale.

It appears the defendant was awaiting her case and while her phone was on she may have placed it on the ground while in a doctor’s office. Reports however state it was a male who was the one being injected, so as to exactly how the process worked out in this fashion is…well, it is better left not to contemplate it.

Let the back-ended comments commence!

That was filmed in Miami, so it is appropriate here.

When asked about the incident David Ovalle displayed all of the seen-it-all casualness of a reporter from South Florida.

Before COVID, I used to always say the Miami courthouse was the most absurd theater in town, and entrance was free,” Ovalle said. “Nothing has changed in the Zoom age.”

And why should it? When the wild spirits that occupy this area are cooped up it is not going to have our brand of psychosis calm down by any measure.

In truth, this is around the median for the area.

There it is. Nothing more need be said.