Recall back in school when there was that one student who tried too hard to be liked by everyone? They were cloying, and bragged plenty, and were so unnatural that they repelled as many people as they attracted.

Get ready to meet the corporate version of that desperate soul.

Seventh Generation makes a variety of household products, from cleaning supplies to diapers, but that is secondary of their focus. The company wants you to know they are really extra totally super great at being good citizens.

We here at Twitchy always make it a point when shopping for cleansers to be sure our first concern is covered — What is the company’s stance on the police in this country?

Just echoing the activists here, aren’t they? ”Invest in systems that build community health.” Uh, sure. They have all of the answers, but no solutions.

Making the leap from police to fossil fuels? What are they calling for here exactly, renewable security forces?

This is a bold stance. Especially in the light of those communities like Minnesota and Portland who made these loud pronouncements actually came back to say they needed to RE-FUND the police forces.

But now, that was quite the signaling speech. People MUST be impressed by all of that!

Okay…maybe not so much…

This might have something to do with their region. If it sounds like the company is posturing here at a level on par with Ben & Jerry’s it stands to reason — they are a Vermont-based operation. Which makes their lectures on race all the more hilarious to listen to.

This is a valid point. And, after all, these folks should have the scratch to drop on these causes.

Hopefully, they invested that money well, because the track record of businesses who enter the political arena lately has not been a great one.