Was it something they said

The reactions to the Georgia law keep rolling on, and no one seems all too interested in making sense. This weekend a collection of companies and CEOs signed a letter declaring opposition to ”discriminatory legislation”. Clearly the practice of companies becoming political continues, as do those companies showing they have not actually read the Georgia law.

One company notably absent from that letter — Coca Cola. This is rather surprising, considering the CEO of the company, James Quincy, had plenty to say about the Georgia law. In an interview, he talked about how unacceptable the law was, and the company released a statement as well, declaring “We want to be crystal clear and state unambiguously that we are disappointed in the outcome of the Georgia voting legislation.

Well, the company is sounding a bit more ambiguous today.

It sure seems Coke has listened — eventually. The company has been getting its share of blowback since the comments about the law. Now they want to collaborate and listen.

And it appears that in just a couple of weeks Coke has managed to drive off not only customers but anyone interested in having their discussion.

It was pointed out how the company opposing voter ID requires people to provide ID in order to attend its shareholder’s meetings.

Then there was the issue of opposing voting laws while at the same time approving of the human rights abuses in China, where it is perfectly comfortable operating without complaint. Those moral standards seem as fluid as their product, for some reason.

Fair to say the executives in Atlanta have been getting an earful from the public. Also, it is possible they finally got around to actually reading the law.