At least she has rescinded her claim to being a Republican.

Jennifer Rubin remains as one of the token ‘conservative’ columnists at The Washington Post, and it never fails to deliver a laugh. Whenever promotes a conservative position by all means let us know here at Twitchy – we would definitely want to record the moment.

Meanwhile, Jenn is busy fan-girling over the distinctly non-conservative President of our nation.  Even by the non-existent standards, we hold for her anymore, this latest column is just out of control ridiculous.

This is so far removed from reality that using the term ”gaslighting” falls woefully short of describing the departure. Maybe it is horrible timing that in a week where people mocked his nationally televised speech, and we saw him blanking on the name of his Secretary of Defense and incapable of remembering what is called The Pentagon, she chose to describe Biden as ”on-message” and ”eloquent”.

Worse than that, she seems — ”distracted”.

We mean…seriously now.

Now THIS would explain a lot!

Uh, it appears you misspelled ”teleprompter”.

Summed — Up. That encapsulates everything we are experiencing right now.

A theory — she takes the cue from Biden and hides in a lightning-proof bunker. It is the safest plan for her at this point.