As Twitchy reported Tuesday, a lot of people saw the evidence of why President Biden has gone 49 days without a solo press conference, breaking a record that goes back 100 years. During a speech, he seemed to forget the name of his defense secretary, Lloyd Austin, substituting instead “the guy who runs that outfit over there.”

Fact-checking site says it’s neither true nor false that Biden “forgot” Austin’s name, but if Snopes were serious about doing a fact-check, they’d check if Biden forgot the name of the Pentagon as well.

Instead, Snopes has decided it’s a “mixture” of true and false. It’s true that he fumbled his words, but Snopes says that perhaps Biden “got stuck doing an extended ‘folksy’ ad lib.”

We know what journalism is going to look like for the next four years, and we know what “fact-checking” is going to look like too.

Anyway, this is the point Biden was trying to get across: