The latest announcement from one of the dictionary sources has come out and, frankly, we are less than impressed. Usually, these new additions carry one of two types of content — new terms invented in the tech/social media age, or newly created phrases born out of the wokeness era. (We still are unsure what ‘cisnormative’ means, and frankly we do not care.)

These newest entries come from, and while some of the words are from those categories — hello ”sponcon”, welcome ”BIPOC” — there are other troubling entries. They seem to be catering not to an evolving language with these, but to a gentry becoming too lazy to learn.

Seriously? You must be acting jocular. And it gets worse.

Well, this is just onerous. This is not a new definition, it is the acceptance of a misspelling. To see the ignorance at play ask yourself, what would be the etymology of this word? It is the root form of Ignorant, derived from kindergarten slur.

Instead of teaching the proper linguistic rules for people, we will change those rules to make things easier.

Suddenly this inclusion becomes lucid.

Hmmmmm, interesting – but we have doubts that this one would stick.

This guy needs to look up ”Godwin”.

Okay, galaxy brain — next you’ll tell us time is just an arbitrary invention of man as well.

It is enough to make one depressed. Time to shut the computer and get some comfort food. A nice huge plate of Pasketti and meatballs will do the trick.