On one hand we do understand. You build up your entire reputation opposing one man, and when he is gone you are left in a political vacuum. What does an avowed Never-Trumper do when there is no more Trump to oppose?!?!

Apparently you go after another GOP politician. Reed Galen, of The Lincoln Project, has already set his sights on the next target for his organization.

This seems a natural step, because when you are doing the work of preserving conservatism the first thing you do is back liberal Democrats to defeat GOP incumbents…we assume.

This has been the exposed underbelly of this cabal of claimed conservatives. They want people to think they are noble purists fighting a cause; the truth is they want to keep the donations flooding into their PAC. Those donations to the conservative outfit come primarily from Democrats, understand.

So now it makes sense – they will not attack Marco in the interest of conservatism, they will do so to earn more interest on the money they collect from Democrats.

Yes, because that is how you preserve conservatism, by defeating conservative candidates. OR – that is how you keep collecting cash from Dems.

Yea,  just not getting that ”preserving conservatism” vibe from these people.

Then there is another reality going on in Florida. Have you heard all of those on the left upset at how many Latinos ended up voting for Trump, helping to deliver the state to him in the election?

Almost would appear that those who spent years claiming Trump was an inherent racist are upset to see evidence to the contrary. Are they happy to learn that maybe he is not so racist after all? Of course not.

In fact, The Lincoln Project is more upset that their messaging of racism managed to instead lead to Trump receiving more minority support in the election than any GOP candidate in decades. Also, two US House seats in Dade County were flipped to GOP, by Hispanic candidates.

So sure, great efforts TLP-ers. Based on the results from Reed Galen and his crew, promising to oppose Rubio should lead to him cruising to an early victory.