Yes, people are still taking the election results deeply seriously – even those who are not Americans, it seems. Comedy Central fixture and alleged funny man Trevor Noah was dismayed to learn that the state of Florida voted in favor of Donald Trump on Tuesday. It led to a rather rash reaction.

Yes, we get it — this was done in jest. But at the same time, just as Joe Biden is preaching of unity and claiming to become President for everyone, including the ”chumps” who backed Trump, there is aa tone-deaf level to these kind of jokes.

Ah, the tolerant left showing their warm side, once again.

Of course there is little surprise that a celebrity maybe did not think everything through.

Nope, sorry — you live in the ”wrong” state. You have to go.

Then of course there is the issue of possibly distancing a portion of your audience with this brand of mirthful intolerance.

But hey, these are simply jokes. Nothing to get riled up about. It is just, over the past few years the people from Noah’s avowed side has been policing this exact type of speech/expression/humor. This kind of gag is now deemed a threat, and anyone who traffics in this type of speech normally needs to be cancelled.

Yea, that might get under the skin of this comedian from another country who is deeply invested in our elections.

It is. Maybe someone should alert Noah to this reality. But we suspect he would not comprehend the complexity. Trevor does not even understand that in order for his joke to land it means that he views the GOP as the ”wrong” party, while at the same time positioning himself as Darth Vader who is operating the Death Star from the Dark Side of The Force.

Tough to take a civics lecture in this stunted fashion, humorous or otherwise.