The campaign for Kamala Harris and her running mate has hit a rough patch in the state of Florida. Support for the Democrat ticket among Hispanic voters is eroding, so some quick visits have been hastily planned in the Sunshine State.

While Joe Biden was playing selections from his music library on his phone for a presser Kamala made a visit to a Miami restaurant, with the press in tow. In the town of Doral, with a heavy Venezuelan population, the candidate glad-handed and joked with customers for a photo-op. This turned out to be a poor decision.

Note how we wrote ”hastily” there? Well, it turned out they never contacted the restaurant ahead of time. Had they, the campaign staff might have learned she was not entirely welcomed.

This is not the kind of community outreach a campaign desires. It turns out that there is an undertow in the South Florida Latin community that Harris is regarded as a socialist. Now we have no Poli-Sci professors on staff, but the general consensus among the editors is that this could very well be an impression arrived at due to all of the socialist ideals Kamala spouted during the Democrat debates.

Also it is a shared opinion here that residents from the nation currently withering under socialist rule probably take a very dim view of any candidate that could be promoting policies which sound close to socialism.

Desperate ones, is the guess here.

Yes, not very likely his interview will get much traction outside of South Florida. Yet that is specifically where they were targeting to win support with this visit. So this will be considered a teaching moment for the campaign.