This is what it looks like when the media begin to be swayed by their own gaslighting.

After months of reports where riots are reclassified, and where police protecting cities are demonized, it appears some in the press have lost their center. Spencer Ackerman is a blue checked ”National Security Reporter” from The Daily Beast, and while looking at video from a New York Times reporter covering a demonstration Spencer was mystified.

Note that this begins what is described as a ”right-wing crowd”. It might actually be accurate, but how is it we have not seen ”left-wing crowd” used to describe other protests the past weeks?

Seems after weeks of declaring riots as peaceful in order to demonize cops that seeing an actual peaceful demonstration NOT generating a police response creates a paradox in the minds of Beast reporters.

It…it cannot be that easy. There must be something else afoot here!

Or maybe how protestors and rioters are treated differently, but I’m just spit-balling ideas here.

Next was an attempt to show the members of this crowd were in fact violent.

What undermines the argument however is the second half of the video.

Spencer, meanwhile, saw more evidence of differing reactions.

You mean for protection? Well curse those vile cops, with all that serving and protecting going on!

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