There are no hard and fast means of measuring when an individual fully changes over their affiliation to another party, but in the case of Amanda Carpenter we believe it is safe to say she has become a full fledged liberal. The CNN fixture and contributor for The Bulwark certainly is giving every indication she has become a feeling-not-thinking leftist.

How else to explain this delivery from the former Ted Cruz staffer who now appears to be an emotion-driven pundit?

Look Amanda, we get that you are an anti-Trump fixture these days, but do you have to vacate all political objectivity in order to occupy that space?

This should be embarrassing for her, but as we have learned from the NT crowd, they seem incapable of anything approaching introspection.

Her boss at The Bulwark also hinted at his being moved to emotional results.

That’s fine Chaz, we can make an educated guess.

And of course Jennifer Rubin weighed in, after a full week of fulsome Biden commentary.

Well, at least Chris follows the theme of the week of Democrats being incapable of telling the truth. There was a flood of liberal tears in response to Amanda’s plea for emotion. For most regular folks there were a few less liberal tears being shed.

Some tears were generated for different reasons.

There were others crying too, but not for the same emotional movements to which Amanda was alluding.

This is a plea from a supposedly professional political commentator, intimating that crying is somehow a measure of import from a political propaganda display.

And there we go, back to laughing once again.

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