There is so much going on in our world currently that is in flux and unfathomable it can be hard to hold fast to any assurances. It is our belief however there is at least one thing to count on — whenever they manage to begin playing professional sports again they are going to be insufferably infused with social activism.

In the NFL players have been pledging to protest and kneel, the league will be encouraging activist messaging, and they have pledged to play the black national anthem before games. In no less ardent fashion the NBA will undertake a number of actions, one of which being it will allow players to replace their name on the back of their jersey with a phrase from a chosen activist cause.

At the NBA store you can order your own jersey with your chosen activism on display — as long as it is approved. At the Washington Free Beacon Andrew Stiles detailed that not all phrases are accepted.

While the limitations are curious what becomes funny are the phrases accepted. Some of the better choices are ”NINE 11 HOAX”, and ‘PENCE IS GAY”.

Although you will never see it on an NBA court, we did one mock-up that would be amusing to see on the hardwood.


This is the kind of thing that can lead to all kinds of fun.


States that opened early can have their message loud and clear.


Also, you can beat the NBA censors with some creative spelling.

You might also lodge your own statement against governors who you have lost faith in these past months.


Of course, the easier method of protesting a league going way too far with the politics is to NOT buy their products. The irony being that in order to get a jersey with a desired Chinese message might require going to a Chinese outlet that sells counterfeit jerseys.