Today NASCAR driver Corey Lajoie is on the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a brand new sponsor. Beginning this week Lajoie will be driving for the remainder of the season with a bit of a political message on his hood.

Of course this brought the expected bile from those incapable of separating politics from those with no influence over the decision. Lajoie is an employee of the team, and the owners accepted the deal from Patriots of America PAC. The driver however has beeen absorbing criticism from some fans and even being accused of being a racist — as a result of the car, and nothing more. This has been only heightened as a result of the racial tensions from the past few weeks involving the POC driver Bubba Wallace.

Those were the tame responses. The social media outrage became enough for Corey to make the move to lockdown his account.

What makes this all the more ignorant is that Lajoie and Bubba Wallace are actually quite close. Both drivers attended the same high school, and they work together on charitable efforts. During the last race, at Talledega Raceway, there was an incident where Wallace ran out of fuel on the track, and Corey Lajoie moved in to push Wallace in order to guide him back to pit row.

But the ignorant ones want to leap to accusations of racism and intolerance. It is your basic sign that we are still a long way off from bringing something that resembles unity in this country. It seems it will take more than evidence to the contrary to help.

There are those of course who want to promote opposition, over unity.

Now that is funny on many levels. The Lincoln Project would never spend that kind of money on any except its own membership.