It is as if the leftists and the media are completely incapable to remember anything they have said in the past that might be considered problematic concerning one of their newer positions. Political activist and rumored actress Alyssa Milano is one of the most consistent with this personal historical blind spot, but even by her standard she may have exceeded the acceptable quota of obliviousness.

Alyssa’s brand is to see a hot-button issue and do whatever she can to help…get her name involved and draw attention to herself. The latest is in regard to sports teams and their hateful mascots. With the focus on the Washington Redskins lately Ms. Milano did her best to work towards the cause…of getting the focus back on her.

Nice touch by her, using the term ”allowing”, as if she has some authoritarian sway over professional sports teams. She sounds kind of serious on the matter. You might guess someone with such a stern position on this issue has had to have held that position for some time.

Oh, but it is not the case, as one of our broadcast partners, Ben Crystal notes. There is ample evidence Alyssa Milano has draped herself in the blood threads of this destructive racism.

Er, Yikes, indeed! Note we mentioned Milano’s brand before. She has her own fashion label, called Touch, and there is an extensive line of sports apparel offered for your favorite sportsball team. This includes any of you who are fans of destructive racist franchises.

This inspired us to dogpile with more hate seen from the couture entrepreneur.

Literally shaking here.

Of course, this being Alyssa, she has her share of sycophants who are so devoted to her efforts they fail to see  hypocritical beartrap she stepped into.


That this superfan does not realize she did far more than a one-off photo shoot is precious. That personal wealth you mention? She profited from sales of what just called destructive racist imagery, ergo she is a racist by her own standard.

Now we are torn, because if you want to lend your support to one of these teams you need to be careful not to buy items from such an intolerant clothing company.