The mindset of the contemporary journalist is something to behold at times. We know that the bulk of the mainstream news outlets trends towards the leftists’ side of the aisle, but it becomes fascinating when you can sit back, study them as subjects, and see how the gears and pulleys in their minds operate.

NBC’s Katy Tur had some new information regarding our pandemic and you can sense her enthusiasm to blast out the detail.

You can also sense a lack of applied reasoning to this information. It feels like a knee-jerk response to grave news regarding the viral outbreak, except it is not exactly dire news.




Continuing, this would lead to other results as well, result that probably would not inspire Katy, given they are rather positive in nature and do not contribute to gripping hysterical headlines.


It is unclear why all of this factual data needs to be injected into a discussion about viral infection rates! But just to continue to put a damper on Ms. Tur’s announcement there is one more attached reality to factor in here.


Pre – cisely.


But, if we were to do that citizens would be experiencing their expected freedoms, politicians would lose some of their power base, and the media would have less control in manipulating our lives!

None of those are acceptable results.