Hey now, why should Oklahoma State have all of the hysterical drama fun?!

If you thought that possibly college football could serve as an alternative to all of the promised social lecturing we will get with the NFL, there is bad news.

In the wake of the uproar at Oklahoma State University, where the team was thrown into turmoil because coach Mike Gundy went fishing in a shirt from OANN, the South Eastern Conference officials have decided they want in on the fun. The need to be full-on social signaling fools has affected the SEC now, as they have come out with demands of their own in the name of inclusivity.

The explanation from the officials did little to clarify things.

The SEC commissioner Greg Sankey has come out to say the conference is considering making the state off-limits for any of the sports championships until the state flag is changed from including Confederate iconography.

It is past time for change to be made to the flag of the State of Mississippi,” Sankey said in a statement. “Our students deserve an opportunity to learn and compete in environments that are inclusive and welcoming to all. “In the event there is no change, there will be consideration of precluding Southeastern Conference championship events from being conducted in the State of Mississippi until the flag is changed.”

Seriously. They are attempting to strongarm universities who do not have to power to alter the state flag. So the SEC wants to punish colleges which have not done anything objectionable, and this follows much of the illogic we have witnessed with the protests.

Also being missed by SEC officials — Mississippi State, and Ole Miss University have stopped displaying the state flag on campuses years ago already.

Well, I am sure this will fix everything! But this is a minefield where the SEC, and the NCAA do not actually want to wander. If these executives want to pretend they are signaling correctly on behalf of black athletes it is bound to bring up the uncomfortable reality of college football.

You have universities and the NCAA raking in tens of millions of dollars off of the unpaid labor of black athletes. Oops!

But then these supposed learned organizations, who want to lecture others on proper Confederate comportment, manage to get things wrong. How are these SEC geniuses telling us what proper flag imagery should be while missing out on a blatant example?

Wait – what flag…??

Well now…


You would think that collegiate organizations would be educated enough about flags and the history of the insignia to know enough during the course of their lecturing. Almost seems like the ”experts” need to go back to classes to learn what they are talking about.

So Mississippi is off the table, Georgia might be next, and we already are mad at North Carolina over the bathroom laws they passed. At this rate, it will not be long before the SEC Championship will have to be played at the ”inclusive” crap-stained polluted streets of San Francisco.


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