It has already been a dumb week on the cancel-culture, from a college coach having his career threatened to food mascots which have been declared racist, so why not add to the idiocy?!

One other cement-head effort was made by the always enjoyable Rick Wilson, who has managed to create a bad week for himself. Wilson attempted to get Domino’s Pizza canceled by dredging up an 8-year-old tweet exchange with current White House spokeswoman but then college student, Kayleigh McEnany. That only led to the pizza chain embarrassing him, and now he is enduring his own social media proctology exam.

To just extend the nonsense why don’t we help Mr. Wilson out? If you really want to scorch Domino’s over a connection with the president why would he not dredge up this spot, provided by Kyle Kashuv?

Well now, there is a lot going on here. We have 1990s era Donald, we get served his supposed trademark deal-making, and his deep affection for himself is on bold display. And then there is all that gold filigree!

There was more cheese in this commercial than on all 3 of the pizzas.


Of course, there are just as many humorless scolds reacting to this.

Wow, sure — THAT’s what is taking place.

There ya go – that’ll really stick it to the President!

Anyone want to let them in on the reality of scripted commercials?

This being the case, there are a number of companies that could see their cultural standing hanging in the balance.

Also, has anyone wondered what happened to McDonalds’ spokes-character Grimace? Well he has been canceled, due to his affiliation with Trump.

At this rate all we will have left to eat at will be Jamba Juice, and the local Chinese takeout joint down the street.

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