With all of the attention placed on cities and throngs of media setting out to record every dramatic image they can there is yet another parasitical element to be found in the melee taking place in dozens of cities.

The social media ”influencers are flocking to the attention, like the social whores that they are. Their presence is both pathetic and absolutely hysterical.

Throughout the weekend Kendall Jenner has been getting all manner of bad PR – a NIGHTMARE for influencers — because of posts allegedly showing her having photoshopped a Black Lives Matter poster into an old picture she posed for last year.

Some people could not breathe, from laughing at her but she has come forward to set the record that she did not in fact post this image.

Yes, it was one of those stories that were just so damned good that it had to be faked. Unfortunately. But that does not mean there has not been some similar material out there.

She is the best-dressed Resister out there, to be sure.

It totally took her like almost 5 minutes, and stuff, to write out those 3 letters. This is like major important type of things to do, and junk for, like the cause!

We are a bit at a loss as to what is being accomplished with this one. Maybe by looking forlorn outside a T-Mobile store will land her a deal for the new iPhone with all of the camera features. Just a guess.

This is a cagey move. Do you know how much it would have cost to book a studio, hire background models, and rent uniforms for them so she could pose?! Boom – streetside, 30 seconds, no cost at all. Now let’s hit Jamba Juice because they have wifi and we can post this to Instagram.

Brief admission — never even read her sign. So yea, she is not helping the cause.

This was the best example to date– this one literally posed like she was helping board up a business, then scurried off in her boyfriend’s Mercedes.


One thing I will say about these balloon juice skulls who are appropriating the protests for their follower counts — they are coming he closest to making us feel some of the racial resentment we have been listening to the past couple of weeks. If there is a protest to defund the Influencers, definitely let us know about that!

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