It almost seems too easy and, frankly, we here at Twitchy are a little bit upset that they have not done this decades ago. But that would be a case of trafficking in cynicism (something we NEVER do here on the site) and what we should be doing is focusing on the positive.

In light of the strife we are experiencing ”in these trying times”™ we can take solace that there is nationwide relief arriving at the hands of a publication. We can at least say, ”Finally”.

Now, you may be thinking any number of things here: ”Have they looked at the statistics of shootings?”; or maybe ”What will going ‘silent’ do, exactly?”; or possibly even ”Wait – Playboy is still around ?”

Well, whichever reaction you felt just be assured, the magazine is on a quest to fix things.

Regardless if you are a subscriber or not, this has to be regarded as great news. After centuries of racial oppression and struggle it is poised to be all wiped away by America’s once preeminent skin mag!

And, as we noted above –

While it is unclear at the moment how the magazine will accomplish its solution there is hope we are in the right hands.

Yes – because they should be regarded as an authority. The magazine has been objectifying women of color since 1965, when Jennifer Jackson became the first POC centerfold.

So take a breath everyone, our nation’s racial tensions have dissipated and we will now live harmoniously. Well, okay — maybe not harmoniously. But hopefully Playboy will next rise up and fix the deep political divide next.


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