The more they attempt to explain away Joe Biden’s accuser the more they expose their lying hypocrisy.

The latest strained effort comes from the predictably error-prone Jill Filipovic. She cites a New York Times piece that insists that feminism is not to be saddled with the phrase, ”Believe All Women”, because, allegedly, that has NOT been the mantra of sexual assault allegations coming from feminists.

How is that?! , you are probably asking. Well, as the claim goes, feminists were not the one who said ”ALL” — it was conservatives and those on the right who created that embellishment.

You can already see the entanglements being self-created here. When exactly did ”the right” make this insertion? It is a mystery, since the phrase has frequently been against the right for years now.

And, how exactly do you ”believe women” but not ”ALL women”. It is very unclear. We have to guess that as long as they believe more than one, then the term ”women” does apply…? Jill goes on to provide clarity — by blowing even more smoke over the proceedings.

Now, as she says ”lots” here take note that she provides not one example to back her claim. As for the first half of this tweet — well, Jill gets blasted out of the water with a few historical examples. To be clear  — she’s blasted ALL the way out of the water.

Okay, so when Jill says ”you will not find a feminist…” she was correct — we found a whole organization of them saying so.

Maybe – just maybe – Jill is suggesting the right infiltrated The Women’s March. It would also help their cause in deflecting away from all of that anti-Semitism. Except — it seems the right has been doing quite a bit of infiltrating.

The right also must wield control of the New York Times Opinion Desk. Its opinion editor Bari Weiss wrote in 2017, “The huntresses’ war cry — ‘believe all women’ — has felt like a bracing corrective to a historic injustice.”

And there is more past poisoning of that well.

Maybe we are to surmise here that National Public Radio is a media tool of the right.

Maybe an article from 2017 not written by The Right would lend some clarity.

The only dodge they have left is in saying ”We only meant believe all SURVIVORS”. The problem with that is that term carries with it a level of proof, and that has been the entire issue all along. What the right has consistently been saying is the assumption of innocence needs to be maintained, and proof of a crime established. Only then do you have a survivor.
But Ms. Filipovic was not even making that argument; she was resting on the semantic argument behind the word ”All” — and we have all seen that being used freely the past few years.

Preeeeeeeee-cisely. Now, this editor will sit back and await the accusations that this is nothing more than toxic man-splaining.

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