Brash Never-Trumper and noted Bulwark-er Bill Kristol has been rather unhinged of late. Considering his behavior in the past few years under the Trump administration that is saying something.

Last night he offered up this dose of political fantasy that is both clearly an attempt to troll, but also revealing how unraveled he has become as a result of succumbing to Acute Viral Derangement Syndrome.

Oh Billy, where do we begin? Even as a joke, or an attempt to be provocative, this is a rake-stepping failure on numerous levels. This is a deletion-worthy tweet for the simple reason Will should want to avoid the embarrassment.

Next, for Bill’s little wishcasting scenario to play out, he has to ignore one fundamental reality that millions of Americans are experiencing at this very moment.

Racist designation aside, she is absolutely correct, Mr. Kristol.

Insert gif of Ron Swanson throwing computer in the dumpster — HERE.

Which segues to the next point. Recall the days when Bill Kristol was claiming to be one of the loudest voices who was protecting conservatism? We ask this question of you, because it is clear Kristol does not remember.

Then there is this little hitch in the fever-dream in Kristol’s skull –

Huh, Bill did not think something through…??? This is sounding familiar.