It happens every so often, that a scene from a past movie, or maybe a passage from an old novel is culled and brought out to show an eerie relevance to current news events. While those are sometimes curious they also often require a bit of interpretational work to make fit.

Not this series of scenes from a 17-year-old television show. The television adaptation of Stephen King’s ”The Dead Zone” starred Anthony Michael Hall, and in one particular episode, it dealt with a viral contagion and…well it is freakishly spot-on. Stick around for the appearance of Donald Trump’s ”irresponsible” remedy.

The account that found this actually reached out to the writer on that episode, Jeremy Bernstein, and got a response. Bernstein was asked directly about what brought up all of that content, providing some insights.

By no means is this approaching any level of scientific evidence, but there is some compelling content here when held up to the current condition of things. Mentioning of high fever with respiratory issues, the months needed to work on a new strain, and requiring of masks are some commonalities but rather general ones.

More interesting was the mentioning of how it is flu-based, it derived in China (with a bonus air travel mention) and a mention of it being a strain of coronavirus. Then the bold mention of chloroquine is made, and suddenly we all hear the same record scratch.

And, there was one other issue —


Maybe if we get Ned Ryerson on the case we will all be fine.