In the past month or so anyone spending time on the socio-political side of Twitter has probably encountered the emergence of numerous Chinese accounts. These are clearly pro-government propaganda accounts based on two basic criteria; they always speak glowingly about the country and its Chi-Com regime, and that general citizens do not have access to Twitter.

So yea, that alone is something of a tell. Any user touting the merits of its politicians and even laying blame on the United States can be assured of broadcasting Beijing-backed bullcrap. Known Twitter ally Neontaster may have come up with a novel way of rendering these Chinese takeout trolls.

The thread he provoked is revealing. The Chinese foreign ministry verified account was declaring there are no limitations on their expressions and how China is a foundation of freedom.

When this account from the communist political set was trying to prop up the image of the Chi-Coms he threw a challenge directly at him.

No such comment was forthcoming. A number of other accounts came up, also claiming to be free to say what they choose, but categorically what they chose to do was refuse to say what they claimed they were free to say.

There will be no consequences because, despite numerous requests for an example, Whilone refused to display any.

In other words, ”I could totally do it, but I choose not to — not because the dear leadership refuses to allow me to.”

Numerous Chinese accounts make weak declarations about how they are free to say what they like about their government, yet once they are challenged to show that to be the case, they categorically refuse to do so.

Some might even feel this is a crude way of taunting people who are under oppression, but there is a reality at play here.

Note the similar tone from any of them. When asked to show their supposed freedom they all demure, under the guise similar excuses.

It can even take a comical turn as they attempt to foist their propaganda.

It is tough to read, but that first document, in another language, does not concern the coronavirus. The second alleged news story headlines that seven infants in Senegal were killed by Covid 19 vaccines. Yea, about that…

But here is where the challenge to them to say anything critical of the Country or the government becomes a roadblock. As retort this account tossed out this veiled accusation.

Therein is the real humor. Attempting to shame someone as a Mainlander as they level criticism at the communist leadership while cowering in fear of doing the same.

So something to bear in mind (pun unintended, but applicable) if you happen across any of these state-supported pro-Chinese accounts is there exists a quick method to silence them. If you see them spouting off words of support challenge them on their slavish position with the oppressive government. Ask them to josh about their leader in Winnie The Pooh fashion.

They will dodge and deflect — and they will be stopped right in their tracks.