Today is a huge election day, as it is Super Tuesday. Um…right?

(Rechecks calendar.)

Yes, says right here, it is March 3. Okay. We got confused for a moment because Valerie Jarrett was on the CBS Morning show today, but by the looks of things she was under the impression it was October 31.

We are sorry, it was damned near impossible to pay attention to anything she was saying. We were rather distracted by her sartorial choice for this panel.

Yes, THANK YOU! It wasn’t just us!

There has to be some kind of explanation for this. There has to be.

A few hours after her appearance Jarrett actually acknowledged the resemblance, but gave no further explanation.

Was this intentional? She offered no indication one way or the other, but the resemblance was so spot-on it almost becomes tough to say she was not aware. It also becomes tough to determine — is it funnier if she intentionally did this, or if it was an accidental?!?!

Either the case, it appears we do at least have permission to laugh over it.