Presidents issue pardons and commute sentences. It happens to be one of the perks of being CEO of America Inc. It also happens to be something every single President has done in the history of Presidents.

Just don’t tell that to the folks over at The New York Times; they seem to think they are breaking some new current events item in the round of pardons President Trump recently issued. (Hey, maybe THIS can be the item that leads to impeachment, since the John Bolton book testimony the Times broke never led to…well, anything…)

Eric Lipton has all of the earth-shattering never-seen-before details for us.

Remember this day folks, its historical. Never saw things like this taking place. Nope, all new kind of stuff happening here!

Okay, so let’s see — now today the media is all in favor of the DOJ, is that correct? The same DOJ that they have been flogging for weeks over the Roger Stone case. Just checking.

”Norms have changed”! We have never seen anything like this! All new ground being broken here by President Trump!!! In order to even find the last President who engaged in an activity like this we have to go all the way back to the administration of…of…uh, well — the last guy who was in office.

In fact, as much as I do not particularly like to dump on a journalist having an inability to do basic research, it becomes somewhat needed when Mr. Lipton was not even able to come up with evidence of — his own coverage of Obama pardons.

Yea, turns out Eric did in fact see this kind of historical activity taking place in the not-so-distant past. Only back then he seemed to have a much more calmer reaction to the news.

Not only that, but the 40 sentences addressed by Obama would amount to how much MORE years of DOJ labor just completely wiped out, Mr. Lipton?

And again, not to impugn the professionalism of the journalists at The New York Times, but when they are actually scooped by Wikipedia — well that just does not look good.

But…but — he said this was historic, and altered the definitions of the presidency.

Oh you, and your adherence to historical documents.

He did not. In fact that was only one batch.

Guess the DOJ wasted centuries of man hours on those cases, according to Eric.

Yes, this possibly explains it all. History began about 4 years ago for so many of these journalists. The one thing for certain that has become history is their credibility.