Sadiq Kahn is the ever mirth-inducing Mayor of London. While most of us understand the term ”virtue signaling” Kahn seems to take his politically correct broadcasting to Hollywood movie premier spotlight levels.

As a measure of just how ridiculous his way of thinking can get we have something on the surface that seems completely innocuous — he gives some PR praise to a new advertising campaign in the city mass transit areas. It seems there was a contest for portraying diversity in the banner ads and Sadiq announced the winner

Um…we know that London is in England, which is a completely different country, but checking in on Wikipedia it tells us that they do in fact speak the same language as we do here in the United-S-of-A. So, does the word ”diversity” mean something else, like the way ”bumbershoot” does over there??


Great point. Sooooo exclusionary.

Amazingly, the racial component is not the only issue. It takes a special kind of person to have something go sideways unintentionally of your own making.

Many people were called to mind of another time that Kahn was making announcements about scantily clad advertisements in the subway stations — only back then he was not nearly as supportive.

This is correct. Sadiq was widely ridiculed a while back for expressing sensitivity over the exact same kind of imagery

Of course these activist politicians have standards — they have double of them!

You are apparently unfamiliar with the Sadiq Kahn brand.

Seeing them juxtaposed makes this all the more insipid.

If praising only one race is a sign of diversity, and shaming bikini pics while touting underwear images makes sense to you then you possess more of a woke skill set than our staff. Or, you possess the right amount of skills to run a European metropolis.