It has been a tough week for New York Times reporter Wajahat Ali, at least as far as credibility goes — at the risk of being redundant.

Following his mockery-filled performance art on Don Lemon’s program, Ali has been insistent on using his Twitter feed to continue being provocative. Or continue being antagonistic to common sense. (Embrace the ”and” surely applies.)

The latest has Ali joining the imbalanced hysterics on the left who for some reason enjoy speculating on the prospect of a deposed President Trump refusing to vacate the office, should he be voted out. The basis for these crackpot theories is never really rooted in evidence, nor common sense, but the learned minds of the left seem to love sounding like under-medicated cranks all the same.

The amusement is in this deeply educated and culturally superior NY Times scribe needing to descend into the mire of conspiracy kooks in order to make some sort of point about what might take place in the distant future.

We should all bathe in his brilliance.

A few noticed that Ali here might have been edging up against some of the new Twitter standards.

As for the rhetorical question he posed for Republicans, there were a number who had answers.

The most laughable aspect in all of this? The people who have been completely unhinged and incapable of accepting the general election results from 2016 are concerned about somebody not honoring election results.


In the end of it all, there is just one question to completely unravel Ali’s tinfoil hat rantings.