Wow, this week the Democrats have had more masks slipping off than seen during a windstorm at Mardi Gras. The latest is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi trying to assert that if the Senate manages to close out this joke of an impeachment that it in no way would clear the President.

In a press conference today the Speaker was asked a rather sharp question:  ”Do you think President Trump will be chastened…or will he be emboldened, because the Senate will have acquitted him?” Her answer was…curious.

Let’s pick this apart in reverse. She says you do not have a trial if you do not have witnesses and documents? She just described the result from the House resolutions. The entire reason there is a squabble in the Senate over calling witnesses is because the House failed to do its job.

Now on to her main point — she actually says you cannot be acquitted if you don’t have a trial??? For her to make the comment she has to be standing from the position of someone being guilty until proven innocent. This would be the moment to point out, if you do not have a trial, you do not have a GUILTY conviction.

It is clear the Democrats believe that simply holding an impeachment is the same as proving guilt. It is like filing a lawsuit is all it takes to win the suit. Apparently they are coming to the realization they do not have enough on their side, so simply insisting Trump is guilty is all they have left.