As we all know, our betters in the Hollywood intelligentsia are elevated minds who know better than us and deserve us to gather and absorb their every utterance on social and political matters. This week has been filled with all types of this very wisdom delivered from above to us, the unwashed masses, but this may have been once of the most trenchant examples.

Elizabeth Thorp is an actress who has appeared on ”House Of Cards”, so we should pay attention to all of her insights regarding the impeachment in the Senate. All of them.

Now initial reactions upon seeing this would be to suggest she was being facetious or joking. But no, Liz was rather straight-faced about this.

Not having watched the show, one must assume ”Law & Order” never covered the detail of Presidential phone calls with world leaders being classified information.

The sad part is that Elizabeth actually had backers for her primetime assessment of the impeachment procedures.

A lawyer, who seems unbothered by Adam Schiff denying due process, dismissing presumption of innocence, manipulating evidence, altering the charges, preventing questions of witnesses, leaking classified details to the press, lying about knowing the whistleblower, and refusing to allow the accused to face their accuser.

Otherwise, everything else was perfectly in line with judicial comportment.

Just to put her legal bona fides to the test, Liz reached out to the pinnacle authority on the matter, to be sure she was in good standing.

A Hollywood elitist reaching out to the Hollywood elite for advisement on this super extra-serious matter. There really is only one other way to become a trusted authority on such a grave political matter —