UPDATE – Since we published this piece Rep. Norrell deleted all of her tweets regarding the Army cadets and the accusations of flashing a ”white power symbol”.


Mandy Powers Norell is a state representative for South Carolina. Late last night, in responding to a random tweet, she joined in on the digital mob accusing the cadets who were seen on camera flashing the ”OK” sign during the pregame of the Amy-Navy contest.

By this morning she was joining the chorus of those calling for the military authorities to go after the caadets seen during the broadcast.

Then she began to hear from most sane individuals explaining to her she was not seeing what she wanted to be seeing. That reality did little to quell her emotional reaction.

How about this for context — the pictures you reference Rep. Norrell have the cadets holding their hand with the fingers downward. That alone indicates they were playing the game, as anyone familiar with the supposed supremacist hoax is aware the fingers need to be upright, to replicate the ”W” for ”White Power”.

Then, a few hours later Rep. Norrell posts another ”explainer”, which essentially disproves her entire premise.

So…you essentially admit the intention of the white power claim was to cause an overreaction – by posting this explainer – but you still stand behind the claim?

This means one of two things:

  •  You are naive about the hoax but willing to jump to the worst conclusion about anonymous cadets on TV.
  •  You are aware of the intent to reinterpret a common symbol and now strive to weaponize the accusation.

Either being the case, the breakdown in logic here rests with Rep. Norrell. Also, with some of her supporters.

This is willful ignorance and the attempt to wield their cancel-culture based on nothing but hysterics. As of now, there has been no retraction from Rep. Norrell, so the assumption stands she wants these soldiers in training punished.

Because this should be the focus of a state Representative.


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