The opening day of the impeachment hearings was a complete crap-show of a kangaroo court, with nothing substantial being revealed. As a sign of how bad things were CNN and other outlets are blasting out details that Ambassador William Taylor delivered the most damaging information during his appearance.

Amb. Taylor mentioned that President Trump was not at all interested in the Ukraine and was more focused on Joe Biden’s investigation. This was based on what his staffer reportedly heard from Ambassador Sondland — a man who has already given conflicting testimony — when he was asked what he felt was the President’s focus.

So this is what the press is shouting is the big ”bombshell”; A third-hand account of an opinion about someone’s possible motivation, from an individual who has already changed his official story. That may qualify as a bombshell for the desperate, but it was not one that detonated.

As if he were afraid of being left out of the embarrassments our favorite former Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell joined in on the questioning.

”Strongest”, he says. Such as the moment when Swalwell asked both William Taylor and George Kent is they were ‘Never-Trumpers’? That was a deeply trenchant interrogation, to be sure.

But then Duke Nuke’em took things to an altogether new level when he offered up this moment, one when he suggested there could be something else entirely that the inquiry is REALLY centered upon.

Skipping ahead to four minutes, thirty seconds in the video the Congressman refers to a transcript of Taylor’s remarks. ”Is it also true,” Swalwell asks, in reference to testimony about the Ukraine story, ”that in this story it is about the President of the United States?”

So this ”story” Adam Schiff is investigating does not only concern Ukraine but may also — if I am picking up on Swalwell’s implication correctly — concern Donald Trump? That Eric Swalwell tries to establish that an inquiry into the possible impeachment of the President is a story that may actually involve the President is…uh…well, it is…something.

The idiocy of this query is summed up by William Taylor actually becoming speechless, unable to come up with an answer. After nearly 10 seconds of silence, he finds a way to demure from giving an answer.

Let the record show that Rep. Eric Swalwell has completely altered the focus and the direction of this investigation. From this day forward the inquiry into the possible impeachment of Donald Trump will also become a process that involves Donald Trump. Hopefully, they do not forget their initial intentions.