Throughout the day there was tension as a wildfire that was sparked in the Simi Valley area of California and winds drove flames on the doorstep of the Reagan Library.

Presidential hopeful Julian Castro used this outbreak to attribute California’s fire issue to climate change. Climate change…caused fire. Even though this fire was started by a tree branch hitting power lines, many were alluding to climate change being the cause of all of this, and they used this as a basis to get political in a potential loss of history.

Got that? Before Reagan, there had been no wildfires in California. And his policies managed to alter the global climate in about the span of 30 years. High Scientificalation going on there!

There were many who were gleeful about the impending disaster beyond the climate. The destruction of a library, historical records, and American history was something notable for those who normally call for the reverence of those things.

Politicizing a fire at the library is the highest form of social commentary.

That’s wit, right there.

Annnnnnd…that is not.

You sound like Julian Castro now. Do not do that, it is not a flattering look.

You think this was pithy, however much of the fire problems are exacerbated by the government policies in the state. But sure, you made a point.

Meanwhile not everyone was looking at this as a political metaphor.

For those so focused on the environment, instead of being petulant they should be happy that the library had an environmental solution to the potential threat.

Well it appears the library has avoided catastrophe. We would like to offer up hopes and prayers for those who were cheering for the destruction. Maybe soon there will be another tragedy to come along that can be politicized for your edification.