As we have covered already thee press is full-on outrage today about a video meme that was adapted from the motion picture “Kingsman: The Secret Service”. In the video President Trumps’s face is superimposed on a character played by actor Colin Firth as he goes on a shooting spree inside of a church. The victims have their faces replaced with logos from major media outlets.

CNN’s Brian Stelter, of course, had to weigh in on this “tragedy”, but in so doing exposed yet another insipid stance by the media. Things are dumb enough with journalists saying they feel threatened by this video, as they spread details of said video. But then Stelter offers up this dose of outrage-deflating news.

Now, what’s that you say, Brian?! This video has been out for more than a year??

Well now, this surely puts a dent in the narrative. Considering that the press has been frothing over this since Sunday evening as if this were new, the fact that it has actually been around since the summer of 2018 sure feeds that “manufactured” feel to all of this outrage.

There is also the small problem of so many journalists claiming this is going to lead to violence against those in their industry. Looking back over 15 months we do not see any instances — that is back when this dangerous video was uploaded.

But hey, now that all of the media is broadcasting this video that they say is a danger and nobody should see, maybe their wish will in fact come true.

What is willfully overlooked is that the hand-wringing New York Times, which is so overly concerned about President Trump inspiring violence, has had no such concern when it comes to promoting violence against President Trump. In fact,the paper of record seems rather comfortable about that.

It was just about one year ago exactly when it published a fantasy assassination on President Trump.

And then recall the play that was staged in New York that showed the President being killed? It was co-sponsored by The Times, and they are rather supportive of free speech — sometimes…

Yes, we know, there we go again –expecting the leftists and the press to be held up to the same standards they demand of others. When will we ever learn…?