Twitter can be numerous things: a roiling pile of distemper, and mob scene of ill-mannered trolls, or a bizarre reflection on a side of society few cares to see. It is special however when all of those appear in a thread of odd proportions over nothing consequential.

It all begins with a video. One account shot a video of their boyfriend driving past a convoy of Jeeps driving to some event. The boyfriend is going off on a prim rant about the vehicles.

After a couple of days Twitter got wind of this posting. It led to a number of people commenting about the nature of the driver.

And on it went. What was telling though is that in the raft of replies none were of a direct political stance. Yet, as we have become all too familiar with by now, everything has to revert back to the White House, because as your boyfriend gets into a snit over cars driving by, and people note the curious nature of someone doing this, it ALL has to be the fault of one man.

Sure, people mocking someone upset at a lineup of vehicles MUST be a sign of “conservative Twitter”. Even further afield, how this has anything to do with Trump is inexplicable. But then again, this is someone who begged people to watch the posted video of her boyfriend complaining about Jeeps, now getting upset that people watched the video of her boyfriend complaining about Jeeps.

Then if things are not obtuse enough, there was one other person who weighed in.

That is the infamous Asylum Studios screenwriter, by the way. Because this has not become completely off the rails enough. It did not escape notice.

Because this is Twitter, and life in 2019 is a surreal fever-dream. It really is no more than that.