Sometimes progress for the sake of progress is actually a step back. Take the drinking of spirits. It is a refined act that is rather straightforward when done properly. You select a chosen potable, employ the use of a quality fluid dispensing vessel, and you sit back and savor the goodness as you drown your issues. Cut and dry.

So why the Glenlivet distillers felt the need for a new approach to this proven tradition is a mystery, but this is the abomination they have recently introduced.

What – the – hell…???

**Checks calendar

**Sees it is not April 1

**Becomes further confused

What is the motivation for this, exactly? Striving for a true 2019 product? Appealing to millennials, who cannot afford your product and who opt for low-cal gluten-free fortified sparkling waters in juice box packaging?

From the looks of things, the consumer base is less than impressed.


There was at least one defender of this product,

It is impressive how he managed to come off sounding condescending while deriding those he calls snobs. But we suppose it is good news that these are biodegradable, considering it is something consumed…

As ridiculous as it seems that you can order a flight of scotch gel packs what you get here is actually a cocktail in a pouch. These are a couple of descriptions of the contents:

The Citrus Capsule blends vibrant bergamot, zesty grapefruit and almond with pepper and the warmth of The Glenlivet’s Founder’s Reserve.

The Wood Capsule combines The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve with powerful woody notes of cedar and sandalwood, as well as tannins of nutty oloroso.

Rather hilarious that you can call people snobs for drinking whiskey straight, but not those popping gel-shots of bergamot with notes of nutty oloroso.

Yes, when you upset Ron Swanson and Don Draper you know you have messed up.