Imagine this; a feminist activist has a negative impression of President Trump. Now try to imagine that some people in Europe feel the need to protest Trump. It would be as rare as finding imbalanced moronic responses in the YouTube comments section.

Well, Amy Siskind felt like she found something novel in the streets and decided to share this non-news with the world. That she did not realize what she was doing was contradicting a long-held narrative is one thing. That she did not even think to first read the protest sign that she posted to insult the President is only more hilarious.

To begin, what Ms. Siskind is doing here is letting us know that people in Europe have a negative opinion about our leader. Funny, I thought we were told that foreign influences on our elections were wrong and intolerable. Now we are supposed to listen to foreign influences on election results?!

Next, Amy feels like this insult on President Trump is really cutting and trenchant. Except for one small matter. She presented us with the physical manifestation of the time-honored Twitter practice of a troll calling someone “stupid” and displaying an aversion to proper English while doing so.

Yea, you’ll forgive us if we choose not to take electoral policy advice from people who are stymied by basic English and punctuation. Nor cannot proofread a physical sign.

So let us understand: Europe favors Hillary? Well then, here is a great idea:

I like where this train of thought is going!

So as Ms. Siskind swings and misses three different ways in one tweet we call all send her back to the bench now.