The ongoing story we all cannot tolerate may be approaching an end. The Canadian trans activist Jessica Yaniv has been a fixture in the news, and not for any good reasons. Yaniv is said to be a transitioning male-to-female who launched into the news with lawsuits filed against female health spas that refused to wax his male genitalia.

Since then Yaniv attempted to launch himself/herself into the trans-activist spotlight, but as fame was imminent many details came forward of Yaniv acting in a predatory fashion towards underage girls. Some have speculated “Jessica” has been using the shield of transition to gain access to minors.

Now word is that authorities in Canada have raided the home of Jessica Yaniv.

But in totally Canadian fashion the Royal Canadian Mounted police are investigating for reasons other than the predatory behavior and alleged child pornography.

It turns out that Yaniv was on a YouTube interview with Blaire White that became something of disater. There were unhinged rants, Yaniv presenting a feminine pad, and also brandished a handheld taser on camera. This is in violation of Canadian gun laws.

Also of interest are the remarks Yaniv made regarding immigrants, with many disparaging comments that are in violation of Canadian decency laws.

So the numerous cases of child endangerment were not enough to spark police involvement, but waving a taser on camera, and saying mean things got a raid to take place???

Most who saw the interview were in agreement Yaniv has finally been shown to be a disturbed individual.

At the very least it is looking like some in the trans community have become very vocal opponents of Yaniv’s tactics. Hopefully the RCMP looking at a taser violation and the speaking of mean words can discover some evidence of truly illegal behavior.

It will be needed since other Canadian authorities have been entirely protective of the supposed trans-rights of Yaniv and facilitated the predatory behavior.