When it comes to mass shootings with multiple victims the course of action required is some sensitivity, decency, and a sense of respect and mourning. Of course, Democrats and the media respond with inciteful language, thoughtless accusations, and political opportunism.

Oh — and stupidity. Cannot forget that constant.

Looking into the latter category, Kamala Harris decided to start mewling over the gun issue, desperate not to be out-shrieked by the other candidates. In so doing, as she tries to sound stern and authoritative, she ends up looking rather daft.

The first order of business: Seriously, Kamala wants to discuss what is on the streets of San Francisco??? Okay…

Next issue: more of a factual problem exists in her “plan”. She states that she wants to ban imports of AR-15 rifles. A seemingly sound strategy…if you are brazenly ignorant about the guns. Kamala Harris has proven to be brazenly ignorant about the guns.


Pretty much this, yea. Her base is applauding her “bold” stance here.

The AR-15 was invented in America, about 60 years ago. Today there are dozens of manufacturers of this style of rifle – in the United States.

Then there is the small matter of calling the AR-15 a “weapon of war”. It is a common boogeyman reference by the gun-nabbers. There is only one small detail, revealed in the form of a question: Which armies use the AR-15? (To save you frustration on the Googler device – the answer is ZERO.)

Okay, we are going to have to request that you people exit this debate now. We are discussing gun control, and there is no place in such a discussion for your facts, and frankly, your accuracy on the matter is triggering and problematic.

Basically it comes down to this: Kamaala’s plan for solving the gun problem is about as valuable as those piles that are spreading across California streets.