Brian Stelter has had himself a big weekend of puffing himself up with condescension, only to be recognized as a corpulent little corgi trying to raise his hackles to appear as an alpha dog.

In one of his many Tweets over the weekend Tater thought he had himself a pithy and damaging take on things when it comes to Mitch McConnell.

Yes, he resorted to that tired leftist talking point of trying to mock those who lend sympathy after a tragedy, carrying the implied message that they only care after something bad happens, and do not want to act to prevent said tragedy.

It is an interesting position to take, for an objective unbiased and totally not-in-the-pocket-for-a-particular-party journalist to take. Brian was called out for his rather obvious slant on the matter.

This is what it looks like when someone is caught. In the style that has become practiced for Tater, once called out for being insipid he strains to reframe his words. It is an attempt to show misinterpretation, rather than what he is doing — which is back peddling.

Sure he is in favor of it – because at this stage he had no prayer in convincing people he was not a leftist hack.

It’s always fun when the mask slips. Watching them scramble to attempt to keep the facade of objectivity while missing entirely that there is a swath of the country with differing perspectives.

But see, Brian is doing vital, important work here. Just ask him, he’ll tell you!

Well let’s be honest — the people who do this are the pinnacle of our society and should be praised mightily!