As the 2020 campaign season continues ramping up it is not only the Democrat candidates who are coming unhinged. Their voters are not doing much better at this stage — but they may have trouble finding a place to sell hinges.

The approach (way off in the distance) of the next election is starting to already get the electorate in a frenzy. Now they are upset at the latest corporation inspiring a boycott — Home Depot. And this has them taking the most drastic of steps — WE’LL START A HASHTAG!!!

What is it that has these stunted thinkers freely trading #BoycottHomeDepot with each other?

Yes, a businessman has dared to support a particular candidate. This has caused a flood of Blue Wave headline readers to rush out and get all #Resist-y about it.

Sure, some do “claim” to. Of course, these very dedicated inactive-ists fail to even entertain that possibly a major retail chain might be interested in what this administration has done for them.

That’s just 1%er greed, we all know that.

But there are quite a few details these very dedicated and not at all misguided over-reactionaries missed when they decided to stop reading after that headline in the piece.

First off, the guy they are so incensed about, Bernie Marcus? He has already retired from the company — for about 17 years now. So all of their economic threats of not shopping will not be felt by the man, when he does not go into work today.

Secondly, Marcus’ one-time partner was Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Blank has donated in the last Presidential elections to Hillary and Obama. So NOW what will leftists do? Boycott half of a Home Depot location? Or, since Trump is #45 they will not shop in the odd-numbered aisles??

Better still is the swath of people who declare they will take their business elsewhere — to the biggest Home Depot competitor. That will both rock the chain to its foundations, AND show the Republicans a thing in the process!

You might suspect that for such a monumental career decision like all of these professionals are making, in taking their business to the competitor, they might take a moment to look into said competitor? I mean, if you are mad at a GOP-supporting company why rush out to a … different GOP-supporting company???

From Open Secrets, here is how Lowes spends its political donations:

Man, this boycotting stuff is like, super hard! It’s like tough work to be a reactionary, and stuff!

To sum it up in a brief answer, Senator?

Yes. Yes they have.