It is bad enough to display ignorance about a news event. But to invoke that as a slam against opponents when in fact it is your own side who is proven to blame for a confrontation only deepens the ineptitude.

At issue was an anti-oil demonstration staged by environmentalist teens in Edmonton, Alberta. These are students who are on “strike”, in the name of the planet. Dare it to be said, staying in class is probably in their best interest, but we can guess they think they have some sort of leverage.

In the course of their rally they were encountered by another group of youths, who began countering and attempting to shout down their messages.

Nothing displays your dedication to a cause than shooting selfies of yourself as you are PROTESTING!

This disagreeable gathering was unacceptable behavior, according to one environmental activist.

It is understandable why Emma Jackson was disheartened, given she is an organizer with a number of environmental groups in Canada. (One describes itself as “a people-powered movement for bold action”, which we presume to mean bold action involves spending months preparing songs?)

Of course, rational assessment of the scenario was in full effect.

Sooooo, they could not possibly know about this world because they are dumb teens, who were chanting at a group of environmentalists with all the wisdom of the world who are…teens.

Let’s get a measure of things now: Those who go to work in the grueling labor of the oil fields are “lazy”, but these wizards who spent MONTHS writing protest songs and banners are hard workers. Sure.

It is typical of leftist activist to feel their form of protest is always noble and worthy of deification, while any opposing stances of equal measure are on par with oppression.

If this attempt at doxing the students rings familiar you soon see this is an intentional maneuver.

Just…huh?! So is Ms. Jackson suggesting these counter-protestors were provoked by adults on location, and are being slandered by the media complex in Canada? That is the only way her comparison makes any sense.

If you are confused about why the environmental protestors were writing songs against fascism, you are not alone. But the common thread for their supporters is that these countering teens are indeed a bunch of fascists.

That is —

It is curious in the videos these activists have shared they have a common cutoff point. In a lengthier version of one, there is a revealing detail. When a confrontation erupts it is when one of the supposedly peaceful activists turns aggressive.

So the counter-protestors are supposedly a group of fascists, but then a benevolent tree-snuggler charges the stairs and throws punches, and BOOM Goes The Narrative.

But this is what we have come to expect. Those who say they care are entitled to aggression, and if you accuse others of being fascists then you are free to act out in fascistic behavior.

Seems it!