In about a week the Democratic Party Presidential debates will kick off and there has been a bit of head-scratching as to what to do, given nearly two dozen prospective candidates have announced their desire to run for the highest office.

While our suggestion of a gladiator battle has gone ignored, the solution has been to divide the field into two groups and hold separate debates on successive nights.

But what is to be made of this? As Doug mentioned, they are labeling the two groups — by color? And…why?


That certainly – well what is the opposite of “clears things up“?

Many were less than impressed by this arrangement.

Oh holy hell, imagine if this theory was proven out!

The team color choices brought up a number of comparables.


This seems rather accurate, to be honest.

And of course, any levity at all has to be snuffed out by those overly serious hectoring scolds on the far left-wing.

Actually, your hyper-dramatic self-serious is generating far more laughter.