When cosplay turns deadly! Or…something. One thing we catalog on the regular on this site is the left having a hard time dealing with reality. A side component to that subject is when the left cannot differentiate fiction from real life. It’s like their dealing in falsehoods so often means fantasy becomes realistic.

This has always been the case regarding the obsession some have with the property “The Handmaid’s Tale”. The desire to have a shorthand complaint about Donald Trump, and the conservatives in Washington, is so strong that this program has become sacrosanct. It is not only realistic, but it has also become a doctrine for many.

For proof, this weekend Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram that she hosted a Handmaid’s party for her friend, Anastasia Karanikolaou. Based on the responses you would think a law had been broken.

The reactions to this party have been completely rational and measured and not at all hysterical.

Okay, you don’t care, BUT ALL CAPS OUTRAGE, ARGLE-BARGLE!!!!

The amazement in all of this is twofold. Putting an overemphasis on a work of fiction and treating it as if it can only be paid reverence is bad enough. Then pretending that a member of the Kardashian clan staging a costume party in some way impacts things politically is…well we can only describe it as “hilarious”.

Take a breath. Nope sorry, that should be TAKE A BREATH!!!

This is not the first time people have dressed up as fictional characters in order to have fun together. It’s called cosplay.  “But — they cannot dress this way! This is a show about the oppression of women!!! Yea? Go to any comic book convention. You will find people dressing up like Thanos, and he destroyed 50% of the known universe. I’d say that ranks higher in oppression than anything in seen in Gilead

This is the best part of all of this hysteria: Some women are so upset at the prospect of being forced to wear red robes and bonnets that they voluntarily wear red robes and bonnets — in order to prevent having to wear red robes and bonnets. I’m sure in some level of fiction this can be explained

It may be futile to expect reasoning on such a detail from those who regard this show/book/Halloween costume as a representation of real life.

Uh, they are “literally raped”, in a drama based on a novelization?! Again, this is FICTION – no one is being raped, nobody is being enslaved, and nobody is being turned into a baby factory. It is literally Not happening, because your pet cause oppression is literary, not literal.

But the confusion deepens.

So now the completely not real “Hunger Games” proves somehow the completely not real “Handmaid’s Tale” is in fact real. That is some “Inception”-level hypothesizing going on there! So the lesson is we cannot regard this dramatic work as entertainment — no, it is a serious message that needs to be revered!

Or, maybe here is another suggestion–