Judd Legum, formerly of Think Progress and currently…somewhere, is unhappy. He has been one of the voices spearheading the juvenile move to have sponsors pull out of advertising on Fox News. A possible sign that your personal vendetta is sophomoric is when David Hogg is also leading the charge alongside of you.

Judd has claimed a number of scalps he thinks he has shorn in his quest, as companies have pledged to have their commercial spots removed from certain shows. However, a reality has crept in — at both some companies, and at Legum Enterprises.

At least give him credit for some spin here. He makes it appear as if the Big Pharma player was trying to sneak their commercials past his ever-watchful eyes.

Yea, he mad.

Note the interpretation by Judd here. He is insisting that a company “quietly” advertised anew, hoping we “stopped paying attention” — because one thing companies strive for when buying commercial airtime is that people not notice their commercials!

Dollar Shave Club, Office Depot, Cars.com, and a number of other companies who previously fled Fox programming over boycott requests have returned in the past year. Seems more like companies have come around to realizing that bowing to the demands of digital cranks online does not lead to commercial rewards. Almost looks as if doing the bidding of these leftists has no commercial reward, and reinstating advertising to a fertile audience is actually better for businesses?

We should just be happy Judd is there for our benefit!

But see now, with this expert on the case you do not have to resort to using your remote control. Instead, you can just rely on Judd Legum to manipulate your television content! This is super! Thinking for ourselves was so taxing!

This is so unseemly! A company is relying on financial methods, after Judd & Co. tried leveraging them using financial methods?! Capitalism is horrific!!!

Many of Judd’s devotees seem to be under the impression that the company was sneakily trying to pull off something. They actually appear to believe that running commercials was done on the sly, hoping to escape everyone’s purview.

Congratulations, well done! You “caught” a company advertising multiple times on the most-watched network news program. They nearly got away with stealthily promoting their products to millions of viewers!

This tweet displays a problem with these announced boycotts. If you do not use the company’s product(s), then said company will not notice your outrage. You cannot stop using a product you never bought, and you are not rewarding them by buying the product(s) after they do as commanded. The result? Those companies realize they were foolish to cut off a revenue stream.

These are people who are never going to be satisfied and, as clearly stated, will not forgive the company for its first “failure”.

Well, if there is no further downside, and no benefit to be realized, then why NOT advertise to the largest cable audience? Getting Judd Legum upset may even be seen as a bonus, in fact.