Those on the left feel like the right to assemble and protest is the most cherished of our liberties. Hey, we are all for it, but there is a level of zealotry when it comes to those on the left. Case in point, earlier today an incident took place requiring law enforcement and Secret Service to secure the perimeter of the White House.

As a result all people in the area were required to vacate the location. This included the members of a trans health protest rally that was taking place at the location. Once they were told to disband, of course, it was viewed as a police-state offense against our Constitutional rights.

That was when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee leaped to outrage. After all, when there is any opportunity to virtue-signal, they waste no time.

Can you just feel their outrage, tweeted in a flurry from their fainting couch? While an excuse can be made for lacking all the information, not only did they fire this off in knee-jerk fashion but they were also relying upon information from Charlotte Clymer, as opposed to say — oh, let’s speculate here — maybe news reports?! Sympathy is no longer an option at this point.

It turns out there was a more than valid reason authorities shut down the area. An individual, for reasons unclear, tried to perform an act of self-immolation on the elipse in what is known as the President’s Park. Out of safety and security concerns, the White House fell under a protection order.

The individual was confronted quickly by police and was eventually transferred to a nearby hospital. His condition is unknown as of now.

But let us not forget the important thing: People were prevented from protesting! That the DCCC could not be bothered to look into reasons behind the police action is hardly surprising.

Could we go with the favorite press euphemism here, and say “mostly peaceable”???

Harsh, but a fair assessment.

The thing to remember is that in the face of such a dramatic tragedy playing out, the Dems managed to stay focused on what is truly important here.