The modern cliche goes “You know that ______ was great, until millennials got hold of it!” Well it appears, at least for the moment, you can fill in that blank with “NASCAR”.

The announcement was made that on May 18 during the All-Star race driver Kevin Harvick will be steering his Busch Beer-sponsored Ford Mustang with a novel paint scheme. His normal ride with Busch Beer will carry alterations with a heavy internet-influenced millennial theme.

They went all out, even dropping lit fire emojis on the roof, and “Skrrrrt Skrrrrt” on the running boards. A deft touch comes with avocado toast featured, as well.

Some see this as a rather forced corporate attempt at hipness.

The thing is, this is not a weak attempt at currying favor with the millennial audience. This concept sprang out of a gag begun at the Busch marketing division. Initially, they were poking fun at Harvick being one of the older drivers on the circuit ( he being all of 43 years old.)

In November they sent out a notice that if their driver, who was poised as one of those who could win the championship at the race in Homestead, Florida, failed to win they would make a millennial version of his car.

(props for the bush-beer emojis on the deck lid. Too bad it did not make the final version.)

As you can well imagine Harvick did not win the race, so credit to the company that they actually are making good on their gamble. They even conducted polls on some of the items that were ultimately included on the car.

So there it is, this is NOT a lame attempt at marketing towards the Gen Y set with attempts at appealing to their likes. It is an ironic attempt at marketing towards them. But hell, at least there is some fun by the marketing wonks in the process.

And just for the record — if there are any hats made with “Busch AF” logos, there is at least one guaranteed sale here.